About Ubiquity

Ubiquity is a software developer and distributor based in Melbourne Australia. We provide systems management solutions for IBM's System Z platform.

Founded in 1989, and is still controlled by two of the founding partners. The company has always focussed on the mainframe, S/370, and it's transition to System Z.

We developed mainframe scanning software that allowed users to accurately judge what software was being used, who used it and when. That software is now installed in hundreds of mainframes worldwide.

Our objectives are to provide cost effective solutions for IT professionals that will make your life easier. Effective also means at reasonable cost.

The products and, most importantly, our people are the best. We bring extensive technical expertise gathered extensive careers; we are second to none and are dedicated to providing you with the best solution available.

Our current product range centres on mainframe security, and the associated problems in it's management.

Please examine the links to our suppliers, as you will see, they are first class and supply great products.