SMF data management system. SMFUTIL is the SMF data management and movement utility for z/OS for automating SMF processing. SMFUTIL combines speed with extreme flexibility and versatility in the handling of SMF data. It greatly enhances the availability and accessibility of SMF data while reducing the resources required to process it. SMFUTIL eliminates the need to write and maintain special purpose SMF processing routines.

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RA/2 and it's companion products.

RA/2 is designed to enhance IBM's RACF security system. A data center can expand their proficiency by utilizing RA/2 to make complex and comprehensive inquiries, from one easy to use product.

RA/2 is a vital component in a RACF environment. RA/2 operates in both online and batch modes to perform comprehensive cross referencing for reporting, auditing and administrative tasks. RA/2 can also be used for making mass changes/additions to the RACF database, and RA/2 uses only standard RACF commands and facilities. RA2002 allows to administer the live RACF DB, whereby RA/2 utilizes an offloaded RACF DB.

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Management tools for ACF2 and RACF systems on z/OS.

EKC products are needed more than ever to aid the Information Security Specialist. Our software enhances security system products and includes tools to improve the efficiency of CA-ACF2 administration ETF/A, HIPAA compliant emergency Firecall access for CA-ACF2, RACF, CA-TopSecret users ( ETF/A, ETF/R, ETF/T), automated password reset and synchronization across CA-ACF2, RACF, and/or CA-TopSecret system(s) ( E-Help Desk ), comprehensive security reporting ( E-SRF ), and client/server security API ( E-SME ). New releases of these products assist clients in remaining at the forefront of security technology.

EKC, Inc. was founded in 1985 by Eberhard Klemens, one of the original authors of CA-ACF2, and is headquartered in Rosemont, Illinois.

EKC's core values of Fairness, Integrity, Honesty, and Honor are the backbone of this company and have steered its growth into a respected leadership role in the Information Security community. Our clients span the globe and the majority are Fortune 500 corporations.

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